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WRX STI Fans 'Show n Shine' at Toronto Subaru Club Hypermeet

The Toronto Subaru Club Hypermeet is the largest gathering of Subaru enthusiasts in Canada. There were plenty of Subaru WRX STIs on hand.

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The parking lots around Subaru’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto, overflowed with every year of Subaru WRX STI that you can think of. It was the 13th annual Toronto Subaru Club Hypermeet where Subaru fans come to the largest gathering of Subaru vehicles in Canada.

Subaru fans were treated to a live band, raffles, kids zone, BBQ and WRX STI owners and all other models in the Subaru lineup showcasing their rides in the Show’n’Shine competition. There were also Subaru BRZs, Foresters, Imprezas, Outbacks, Crosstreks. Legacys and XTs on hand as owners showed off their Subaru rides in Toronto.

Subaru has been in Canada since 1976 when they first started sell vehicles like the Subaru Brat (1977), the Justy (1984) and the XT (1985). Subaru sold 6,172 vehicles that year. Today, the Japanese automaker has corporate offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, as well as close to 100 Subaru dealers in Canada. Subaru has fans from the east coast to the west coast now.

The Toronto Subaru Club was established in 1998 and was originally named 2.5RS club of Toronto, and was created for local RS owners to chat, socialize and share technical knowledge about their Subarus.The 2.5RS club grew, and in 2000 renamed itself the Toronto Subaru Club. It was then opened up to other like minded Subaru enthusiasts. The Club is a community oriented club, also holding many events to raise money for their dedicated charity, Ronald McDonald House Toronto.

The Toronto Subaru Club Hypermeet is the largest gathering of Subaru WRX STI performance cars and all Subaru vehicles in Canada. Their mission of “Bringing like minded Subaru enthusiasts together to learn, share, and grow, and having fun along the way” was accomplished.

Source: Subaru Canada

Image source: Subaru CA

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