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Why Subaru do Motorsport's WRX STI Departs From the Traditional World Rally Blue

The Subaru WRX STI rallycar has always been the traditional Subaru World Rally Blue. Why is Subaru Australia changing it?

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When you think of Subaru rally cars, the traditional World Rally Blue is the color that is always been seen on the WRX STI. Why is the Subaru do Motorsport team from Australia changing Subaru’s traditional blue exterior color? It’s because they are changing the culture in Australia. They have a new driver, a new WRX STI, and they change the theme and the color on the STI for every rally event.

Subaru do Motorsport’s newest color scheme on the WRX STI features a theme based on South Australia’s Murray River. It features rich sunset tones marking a “temporary departure” from the traditional Subaru World Rally Blue.

Why Subaru’s WRX STI goes away from traditional World Rally Blue

It’s about attracting a new generation of buyers down under with a new young female driver, Molly Taylor, and a new wrap on the WRX STI rallycar. The color scheme changes for each event in this year’s Australian Championship, paying homage to key lifestyle or recreational activities held in the area where the rally is hosted. It helps new potential Subaru buyers connect the brand with the area where they live. It seems to be working as Subaru Australia sets new sales records. They are attracting new buyers to the brand who have never purchased a Subaru vehicle before.

Subaru do Motorsport’s Molly Taylor and co-driver Bill Hayes enter the Lightforce Rally South Australia next week on the back of their debut win for the team last month at Southern Safari Tasmania. They will run the Group N production class Subaru WRX STI NR4 with a new color scheme. Tradition is good, but winning over a new generation of consumers is what Subaru Australia is after.

Source: Subaru AU

Image: Subaru

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