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Why the exclusive 2015 Subaru BRZ Aozora is nothing but “blue sky”

Subaru Canada has introduced the new 2015 Subaru BRZ Aozora and its all blue sky. Should you buy the new model?


If you are waiting for the 2015 Subaru BRZ STI, the 2015 Subaru BRZ Aozora that was introduced for the Canada market last week is not it. It may be enhanced with a few STI goodies that will make it a better handling coupe on the track, but it still comes with a 200 horsepower naturally aspirated 2.0-liter boxer engine. Aozora means “Blue Sky” in Japanese, and the new BRZ two-door coupe is aptly named.

The 2015 BRZ Aozora will be available in very limited numbers for a limited time. Only 100 Crystal White Pearl and 100 World Rally Blue Aozora’s will be produced. When they are gone, that is it for the production run. Subaru is expecting the new BRZ Aozora Edition will fly out of dealer showrooms, but BRZ fans want the real deal, not a BRZ with STI trim. Here’s what the ultra-exclusive BRZ Aozora Edition comes with.

2015 BRZ Aozora Edition outside

The Subaru BRZ Sport-Tech Package offers additional comfort and amenities that will set it apart from the standard 2015 BRZ. Outside, the new BRZ Sport-Tech Package is distinguished in front with fog lights and in the rear by a body-color trunk spoiler. It features STI front, side and rear lip under-spoiler kit and it comes with special 17-inch black STI alloy wheels and red brake calipers. It is available in Crystal White Pearl or World Rally Blue. Underneath the special edition sports car gets a body undercover, improving the drag coefficient to further the driving dynamics of the vehicle at high speeds and on the track.

Sport-Tech Aozora Edition inside

Inside, Sport-Tech Aozora Edition comes with seats that are upholstered with Alcantara inserts and leather bolsters. The special model substitutes a dual-zone automatic climate control for the entry level BRZ's manual HVAC system. It also comes with heated front seats and the dual visor vanity mirrors are illuminated, while front door courtesy lights illuminate when the doors are opened.

Red STI engine-start button

The 2015 BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora Edition is only available with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Inside, a red STI engine-start button illuminates to greet the driver to start a standard 2.0-liter 200hp naturally aspirated boxer engine and a frameless rear view mirror is added. Black and blue Alcantara with blue leather seats match the accenting interior blue stitching on the steering wheel, arm rest, inner door trim, centre console side panel knee pad, shift boot and parking brake lever.

The 2015 Subaru BRZ Aozora Edition means “Blue Sky” in Japanese and that is all the Japanese automaker is offering, blue sky. This “special” BRZ is nothing more than a Sport-Tech BRZ with a few STI treatments added as window dressing. It’s time that Subaru and STI produce a true BRZ STI turbocharged coupe that will thrill performance fans. Now a real BRZ STI would fly out of dealer showrooms as fast as they arrived, and Subaru would sell many more than 200.

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