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Watch BMW M4 Do Crazy Drifts Through Moscow Streets [Video]

Watch a BMW M4 do crazy drifts on busy Moscow streets. Is this for real?

Warning: This video contains Misogyny rap music. Turn down the sound and watch as a Russian BMW M4 driver takes the performance coupe out on the streets of Moscow. We certainly don't condone this type of driving and think it's dangerous to say the least. We also think this video was staged. The streets are full of cars as he torches the tires and does crazy drifts with the M4 around other motorists. Scroll down to see the M4 video.

Is this thing for real? You can see police cars sitting with their lights flashing as he goes right by them without a chase. This driver is good and never loses control as he burns the rubber off the stock tires. The video is shot at night, and then during the day. The tires are so worn, that you can see sparks from the metal cords in the bald tires.

Watch as the BMW M4 drifts around corners, crosses center lines and completes a few 360 degree spins right in front of traffic and cops all with what seems to be reckless abandon. It’s too good not to be staged. While the M4 is a track monster and street legal, we only recommend this type of driving be done on the track.

Watch BMW M4 Crazy Moscow City Driving (zelimkhanshm)

Source: Dr Tamirlan

Image source: Dr Tamirlan