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Video: How BMW gets you and your M4 ready for winter driving

Is your BMW M4 rear-drive performance car ready for winter driving?

Driving your performance car in the winter is more about the driver and not as much about your car. The best step in getting the BMW M4 ready for winter could involve driver training. That’s where the BMW driving experience plays an important role in safe winter driving with a rear-drive performance car.

It’s called the BMW Snow Experience BMW and they use a wide variety of cars from their lineup on the courses to train drivers and that includes the M4 Coupe. The BMW Driving Experience winter training program takes place in a unique location that’s suited for winter instruction. At 2,800 meters (over 9,000 ft) above sea level, it’s the highest driver training center in the world. BMW began in 1990 at the Austrian resort in Solden.

BMW is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the event and since they started, several thousand BMW Snow Experience courses have taken place there. It all started with six-day events, in which skiing was an equally important element for the participants as the driver training itself.

Today, a wide selection of models from the current BMW line-up, from the BMW M4 to the BMW X5, are put to work in a variety of different courses. The basic idea behind the courses has remained the same since the inception of the school: learning how to work effectively with the car in a wide range of, sometimes critical, driving situations will allow participants to go beyond their daily driving and gain well-trained skills under expert supervision.

BMW announced an exclusive one-off training event in Solden will be held to celebrate the 25th anniversary. If you can get to Austria, it could be a good way to get ready to drive your BMW M4 performance car in the snow. Get more info on the event here.

Media source: BMW Global