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Turn on the telly Top Gear will be back for its 20th season

Top Gear UK will be back on the telly this season and it will mark its 20th year of providing great auto fun. What penetrating investigations into the world of cars do they have planned?

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There is great news for gearheads around the globe if you have a telly! Top Gear from the UK will be back for its 20th season starting this month. The crew from the original Top Gear have a whole new series already planned and have given us an idea of what to expect. The series will start June 30 and will hopefully air on BBC America. They tell us that there will be plenty of “penetrating investigations into the world of cars ready for our delectation.” That sounds like a brilliant season is on tap from our British cousins.

Here is what we can deduce from the Top Gear website about the upcoming shows. The Stig, Jeremy, James and Richard will be coming to us from Spain where they will feature three of the world’s fastest convertible supercars. That sounds like a great way to start the season.

They will also see what the future of AMG will look like and if Mercedes-AMG will be going gas or electric. They will take the potent Mercedes SLS AMG Black and SLS AMG Electric Drive and see which one is faster and best.

They tell us they have ignored a whole category of cars for 19 years and will finally take a look at crossovers or “soft-roaders.” They want to know who is buying these things. Jeremy and James will drive two minivans for a trip to the “New Forest.” We’ll see how that works out for them.

What could be better than a trifecta of the hottest hatches on the planet. Richard Hammond will do a hot-hatch triple test and see which one can burn the most rubber. Now there is one I don’t want to miss.

The new Jaguar F-Type will be put to the test by Jeremy and we’ll see why the British car industry is brilliant. Richard has volunteered to drive the new 2014 Range Rover Sport and James, “cleverly aware that Britain doesn't just build lots of cars”, will have a go in the brand-new Bus For London.

What would a Top Gear show without driving a new red Ferrari? Jeremy introduces an unnamed powerful, rear-wheel drive Ferrari to Scotland and see how it performs in the rain. Now that should provide a bit of excitement. We’ll also be treated to the inaugural “Reasonably Priced Car” segment with a celeb-packed BBQ. It looks like a great season is on tap for gear heads to enjoy.

Get your DVR’s warmed up because the first episode of Top Gear airs on June 30, on BBC Two and BBC HD.

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