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Subaru Source Says 2018 Crosstrek will Get Hybrid Technology

A source close to Subaru says a new 2018 Crosstrek Hybrid will debut next year. What about an EV?

The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek crossover will again be the next Subaru hybrid model and will launch next year. The Crosstrek hybrid was discontinued for the 2017 MY, and it’s coming back next year as a 2018 model. The Crosstrek will be getting a complete remodel and will be the second model, after the Impreza, to ride on the new Subaru Global Platform.

According to Motoring, an unnamed senior Subaru engineer said the Crosstrek will be the next vehicle in the Subaru lineup to get the new global architecture and it will also get new hybrid technology. He said the new gas model will arrive first, and the hybrid Crosstrek will launch later next year. “This will be the new generation model, we will launch the new model in about six months. We’re looking at bringing the hybrid to market at the end of next year” said the source.

What about an all-electric Subaru?

When will an all-electric Subaru launch? When Subaru launched the Impreza, they said the new global architecture will support multiple engines, including hybrid and all-electric drivetrains. This source says not to look for a new EV on the Global Platform.

He told Motoring, “Soon we will have a hybrid car, I don’t think we will have an electric car on this platform. The electric car has limitations, we are all-wheel drive and you can’t charge your car in the middle of the bush. We do have an electric car for specific purposes, but not as a mass market car in Australia.”

We do know now, the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek crossover will get a complete remodel, ride on the new Global Platform, and be the next Subaru hybrid model and will launch next year. Stay tuned.

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