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Subaru’s Remarkable Success Continues, Did Outback Really Steal Forester’s #1 Spot?

Subaru continues their remarkable success. Did Outback really pass the Forester in sales?

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Because it’s Subaru, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. They recorded their 58th consecutive month of month-over-month growth, a record September, and the 2017 Outback had more sales than the popular Forester SUV. Who would have ever thought that a wagon would pass their Forester SUV in sales volume?

The 2017 Outback wagon is on fire and there doesn’t appear anything will stop it. For September, Outback had 16,978 sales compared to Forester’s 15,883. YTD, Outback is just 4,226 units behind the most popular vehicle in Subaru’s lineup. Outback posted a 12.2 percent increase, Crosstrek posted a 11.4 percent increase, while Forester posted a 3.4 percent sales increase in September.

Who would have guessed?

Americans don’t like wagons, but the Outback defies conventional wisdom and is selling like crazy in the US. Maybe it’s because Outback is more SUV-like than it is a wagon. Outback is more luxurious than ever.

The Outback is no longer just a wagon just for adventure seekers or hauling the family dog. It’s a near luxury multi-purpose vehicle that you may be afraid to take off-road. The Outback gets softer and gentler for buyers looking for a more upscale wagon. Americans are responding.

New Outback Touring

The new 2017 Subaru Outback Touring is a good example. It features dark gray grille and machined finished 18-in. wheels with dark gray accents. Inside, Touring models feature a new Java Brown perforated leather-trimmed upholstery, door panels, and armrests with contrasting ivory stitching. It also gets an exclusive woodgrain interior finish with piano-black switch panel accents. A heated steering wheel comes standard on the new Outback Touring.

The Subaru brand continues their remarkable success and sets another record for September. The SUV-alternative 2017 Outback leads the way instead of the popular Forester SUV. Who would have guessed?

Source: Subaru of America

Photo: Subaru

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