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Subaru Japan announces 2015 BRZ tuner-ready model

Subaru Japan announces improvements for the 2015 BRZ and a new customization model.

Subaru recognizes that performance fans are buying the BRZ sports coupe and highly customizing the model. That’s why they are bringing out a bare bones tuner-ready model in April. This will be for the Japan market and Subaru says the new 2015 BRZ customization model that is based on the R grade “R Customize Package" will be released on April 16.

The R Customize Package model will be stripped down so tuners can add whatever goodies they want tot he sports coupe. Air conditioning, "floor silencer" sound insulation and even s trunk mat are optional on the bare bones edition. Rather than the 16-inch aluminum wheels the R model comes with, it will get 16-inch steel wheels. The price will reflect the lack of features on the car, and will be 151,200 yen less than the base R model.

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Unlike the GR86/BRZ RA Racing track model that comes with 6-point roll cage, 4-point seat belt w/anchor bolt mounting and brake ducts, the new tuner-spec model will get a base interior and only comes in one color, Crystal White Pearl. The new model will come with HID headlamps. The BRZ R Customize Package can be ordered with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox.

All BRZs get new chassis improvements

Subaru also announced all new 2015 BRZ sports coupes for the Japan market will get some reduced stiffness of the chassis for improved ride characteristics. The body of the electric power steering assist (EPAS) has also been tweaked to get improved steering feel over the previous model. The chassis upgrades should reduce “harshness” of the suspension and improve the daily driver comfort level of BRZ.

New cabin appointments

The cabin of the new BRZ will feature new decorative satin silver interior appointments on the steering wheel spokes and shift panel, as well as enhanced interior textures. Two new exterior colors, "Lapis Blue Pearl" and "Pure Red" are available for the first time on the R and S models only.

There’s no word whether the new R Customize Package model will be available in the U.S. and other global markets. The chassis upgrades will likely make it to U.S. BRZ and FR-S models. The new 2015 BRZ R Customize Package tuner-ready model goes on sale April 16 in Japan.