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Rumored: Is BMW Getting Ready to Chop the Top on the M2 Coupe?

Will BMW chop the top on the M2 performance coupe? According to reports, they are.

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According to a report by, BMW is going to bring out a convertible M2 in the near future. The BMW M2 Coupe has been a sensational hit with performance fans and why not bring out a rag-top variant for fans?

The report says they have pictures of the new M2 Cabriolet you can see here. The computer-generated images were supposedly received from a source within BMW during the decision making process. Why did BMW say earlier in the year there was no way it was an option?

This goes completely against what BMW's chief engineer Frank Isenberg said last February. Isenberg was quoted and said the M2 convertible never made it beyond the discussion faze. He told Car Advice in Australia, “There will not be an M2 Convertible. We need to keep it as purist as we did with the 1 Series M Coupe.”

Is BMW getting ready to chop the top on the M2 Coupe?

BMW produces the M235i Convertible and BMW says there’s no need to drop the top on the M2. Isenberg went on to say, “We’ve got such a nice M235i Convertible. And convertibles are not for racetracks, they’re for cruising. You can take that car on a racetrack as well, but you wouldn’t choose it for a track day. That’s the reason why we said no.”

Making M2 Cabriolet would add weight to the performance sports car and possibly change the driving dynamics. That hasn’t stopped the Bavarian automaker from bringing out the M4 Convertible. So why wouldn’t they chop the top on the M2 Coupe? We think it would sell like crazy just like the Coupe. Stay tuned.


Image: BMW

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