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One key reason why BMW will remain the top performance brand

BMW sees record sales for 2015. With the new BMW M2 and M4 GTS coming, the future is even brighter.


The future is bright for BMW and it has nothing to do with the new BMW M2 Coupe and M4 GTS that are coming this year. As BMW moves into 2016, the brand will retain its spot as the top performance and luxury car maker in the world for one key reason. It’s more than two new cars in the lineup. BMW has a workforce that is motivated to design and build new cars for the brand that will keep BMW the top global automaker in the future.

What is BMW doing differently?

It has to do with who works for BMW and what that means for the long-term future of the performance brand. Happy employees translate to well-build and well-designed cars. BMW will stay number one by first building their employees. The number one asset an automaker has is not its factories. It’s their employees.

The new BMW M2 and M4 GTS are possibly the best two cars the German automaker has ever produced. It’s largely due to a motivated and happy group of young professional employees who work hard for BMW. BMW treats them well, and they are highly rewarded for their efforts. BMW is doing it right.

What do the employees say?

According to a ranking by Glassdoor in Germany, community job reviewers picked the BMW Group as the most attractive place for anyone to work. BMW ranked first among automakers, and in the overall rankings of all companies, BMW ranked fourth. BMW was given the top Glassdoor Award based solely on the reviews of employees that give feedback on their jobs, upon leave their working environment or businesses.

BMW is a great place to work

Employees of the BMW Group say they like 10 things about the German company. BMW offers performance-based compensation, this compensation also goes beyond the legal and contract services. Employees have a variety of projects to be involved in, excellent prospects for career development, it’s a global company and employees can work around the world if they choose. The Bavarian automaker offers an international flavor for their employees, flexible working hours, assistance in child care and an extensive social security program.

The future is bright for BMW M

This bodes well for BMW as they treat their employees like the valuable assets they are. When you enjoy going to work every day, that workforce will be highly motivated and ready to do the best work possible. It could be why the new 2016 BMW M2 is possibly the best car the M division has ever produced. Take a look at who designed it. A group of highly-motivated young professional who love what they do. Check out the M2 development story here.

Source: BMW Group