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New BMW M2 Laguna Seca Videos Capture the Beast Within

The new 2016 BMW M2 is being called the best new M car from BMW M GmbH in a generation. Check out the latest M2 videos.

The new BMW M2 is creating noise on and off the track. It could be the best M model in decades. BMW brought the new M2 and M2 MotoGP safety car to Laguna Seca Raceway for the international press day event. They just released a few videos of the cars and they are worth looking at. The M2 MotoGP safety car is a ramped up version with lights and a new livery for the upcoming race season.
Thanks to BMWBLOG, you’ll get to hear more of the M2’s exhaust note as it powers around for the track sessions at Laguna Seca. It will take you through the famous cork screw section of the track and see an inside the cabin view as it powers around the track.

Check out the BMW M2 MotoGP Safety car racing at Laguna Seca video

There's also another longer video of the M2 at Laguna Seca from the international press event from BMW Club-RT. It gives a good look at the newest M vehicle from all angles and captures what the M2 is all about. It sounds and looks good as it goes full-speed.

The last video gives a good look at the exterior of the M2 MotoGP safety car and the Long Beach Blue M2 sitting at the track on the cork screw turn. With lights flashing, it also shows off all the new BMW M Performance Parts for the BMW M2 Coupe.