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New BMW i8 Roadster Breaks Cover in Newly Released Video

A new BMW i8 Roadster has been announced and is revealed in this new video. When is it coming?

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BMW announced a new first ever i8 performance Roadster is coming soon. BMW says they are welcoming the third member of the BMW i family and it will join the i8 and i3. The first ever BMW i8 Roadster will be coming in 2018 and will “unlock the door to a whole new dimension in pioneering open-top driving pleasure.” BMW’s new i8 Roadster will be virtually silent, offer zero local emissions and will likely be high on the fun-to-drive meter.

BMW hasn’t revealed anything other than a new video below to offer a first glimpse of the 2018 i8 Roadster. But spy photos of the new model have revealed a few things. The buttresses behind the cabin appears to be narrower and further apart than they have been in the concepts, and engineers also bridged a wind block. There could be a folding hardtop tucked in behind and the rear seat will probably be gone.

It’s been speculated that the new 2018 BMW i8 Roadster is likely to sacrifice some of its economy for additional performance with a more powerful motor, but you will still be able to go further between fill-ups and charging stations. Check out the i8 Roadster video from BMW below.

Photo credit: BMW

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