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How saving lives will be faster with new BMW M3

If you ever need emergency medical services, this new 2013 BMW M3 Touring Emergency Medical services vehicle can get to you much quicker.

Leave it up to BMW to come with an emergency response vehicle that will be able to respond extremely fast. Can you imagine a new 2013 BMW M3 with its lights flashing and siren blaring as it flies toward an accident? Well that‘s what BMW has designed with their all-new BMW M3 Touring Emergency Medical services vehicle with M package that is pictured here. But BMW has come up with more than just one new M emergency vehicle. Just how many will they add to the fleet?

Seven new BMW M vehicles will respond fast

At the RETTmobil trade show in Fulda, Germany, BMW will be exhibiting a total of seven different models at the trade show. BMW Group will be bringing new vehicles that include the BMW X6 M50d designed as a medical car for the racetrack and a BMW X3 as a fire brigade command vehicle at the main entrance. They will also exhibit a BMW X1 “First Responder” and, at the exhibition booth, a BMW X3 as emergency medical services vehicles. A BMW 5 Series Touring as a fire brigade command vehicle will be displayed also. It will also include a motorcycle, a public authority version of the new F 800 GT motorcycle. 

These emergency services BMW vehicles with the M Package can not only respond quickly, but get you help quickly. BMW has worked closely with first responders to develop the cars and they fulfill the increasing demands on modern emergency vehicles. BMW says the ultra fast M emergency vehicles include equipment that conforms to the highest standards in terms of functionality, quality and safety.

Technology abounds on the emergency vehicles

Emergency service staff who are driving the fast vehicles will be able to keep their eyes on the road as they speed through traffic. The latest technology like Head-Up Display, which displays driving-related information directly within the driver’s field of vision will help keep his/her eyes on the traffic situation at all times. And because many accidents occur at night, BMW Night Vision with person recognition will inform the driver of potential hazards thus enabling him/her to react faster.

Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) utilizes the navigation system ensuring that the driver finds the fastest way to the desired destination at all times and under all circumstances. And with these ultra-fast response vehicles weaving through traffic at high speeds, if the emergency vehicle is ever involved in an accident, comprehensive accident-related data is transmitted to the BMW Assist Call Center in addition to the exact location, thus facilitating fast and targeted assistance at the scene of the accident.

EMT applicants may be lining up to drive one

All of these assistance systems help the emergency vehicle driver to remain in full control of the vehicle and the traffic situation even under extreme conditions. Can you imagine the large number of new applicants the EMT business will be getting who can’t wait to get their hands one these fast BMW M vehicles? Just like the fast 2013 BMW M3 and they will actually get paid to drive them.