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Here’s Why Your Kids Will Buy a Subaru Over Other Car Brands in the Future

Here’s how Subaru ensures they will be a leading automaker long into the future. And why your kids will want to buy them over other brands.

We usually don’t cover non-car related Subaru stories, but this one explains why cars like the new 2017 Impreza compact, Subaru Forester SUV, Outback wagon and Crosstrek crossover will remain top-selling cars in America. Your kids will want to buy them long into the future. Why? Subaru of America has partnered with a leading science, technology, engineering and math education organization called STEM.

How does this ensure a successful future for Subaru?

What will they do? Subaru of America (SOA) will help educate students at STEM’s new Mars-themed mission Challenger Center. Subaru has specifically invested in the creation of a professional development program for teachers, empowering them to bring STEM lessons to life through the theme of Mars exploration.

STEM is impressed with Subaru

Lance Bush, president and CEO, Challenger Center is impressed with the Cheery Hill, NJ automaker. Bush says, “Subaru understands that to build the workforce of tomorrow, we need to capture student imagination early on. The company’s commitment to the education of tomorrow’s STEM leaders demonstrates their clear focus on being a leading employer and car manufacturer long into the future.”

Investing in students in not new at SOA

This kind of investment is not new for Subaru. Giving back to the communities where they do business is a big part of the culture at Subaru of America. For the past two years, Subaru has also been a partner to the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) and helped support many communities and innovative students across the country. Read more here.

Subaru of America also just donated more than 1,700 award-winning science textbooks to 17 Camden, NJ schools, continuing the brand's commitment to education as part of its "Subaru Loves Learning" initiative. They use a new 2017 Subaru Outback with a blue and white “Subaru loves learning” motif on the outside to deliver the books.

Lance Bush goes on to say that “Subaru is one of the most innovative and responsible car manufacturers on the planet.” That bodes well for a new generation who will think about Subaru when they buy a new car in the future.

Thomas J. Doll, president and chief operating officer, Subaru of America, Inc. says, “Through our partnership with Challenger Center, students will have available to them a unique learning opportunity that we hope will encourage them to explore the world around them and beyond.”

It’s how Subaru ensures they will be a leading automaker long into the future. These students will think of Subaru and will also be exploring a used 2017 Subaru Impreza compact when they are ready to buy their first car.

Source: Subaru

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