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Dashcam Catches Limited Edition Subaru WRX RS40 Getting Destroyed in Head-On Collision [Video]

An out-of-control Nissan hits a Subaru WRX RS40 head-on. Watch as a dashcam catches the iconic limited edition WRX getting destroyed.

It was a sunny day, with dry roads, and everything is fine as the 2013 Subaru WRX RS40 was traveling down the Pacific Highway in Tyndale, New South Wales. Then out of nowhere, a Nissan sedan side-swiped an oncoming car, lost control, and crashes head-on into the high-performance sedan.

Luckily, the owner and his wife, and the driver of the Nissan walked away from the horrific crash. This was no ordinary Subaru WRX, but a 2013 WRX RS40 launched as a 40th anniversary Limited Edition in Australia. It came with an additional $7000 worth of Subaru Tecnica International (STI) features to pay tribute to Subaru’s motorsport heritage. We’re sure the owner was devastated to see his iconic WR Blue WRX S40 totaled. He can’t go out and replace it, as only 300 were ever sold in Australia.

It’s a testament to Subaru’s extraordinary safety record that the driver and his wife weren’t seriously injured or worse. The WRX S40 owner was thankful his performance car had the latest safety equipment. After the crash he says, "All parties involved walked away, including my wife and I. I can certainly vouch for the safety standard of the Subaru WRX, may have been a different story otherwise. Other driver was charged but the Police would not elaborate. I can only assume either texting or a micro-sleep was to blame. Someone was certainly watching over us that day.”

The video below shows the horrific accident that destroyed this iconic Subaru WRX S40 limited edition sedan. The owner can never replace his 40th anniversary WR Blue 2013 WRX, but he’s even more thankful the Subaru saved he and his wife’s lives.

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Photo credit: Dash Cam Owners Australia