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This class-exclusive technology only found on 2014 Nissan Versa Note [video]

2014 Nissan Versa Note has one class-exclusive technology no other entry class model offers. What sets it apart from all the others?

The new 2014 Nissan Versa Note has two things going for it that other entry level cars just can’t match. The compact car four-door hatch features one class-exclusive technology and offers value that sets it apart from the competition. It will continue to be the top selling car in the entry level class for a number of very good reasons. What is Nissan doing to keep the Versa Note at the head of its class?

Anyone who is looking for an entry level car is looking for two things, price and good fuel mileage. The new Versa Note gets class-leading fuel economy at 40 miles per gallon highway and starts at $13,900 for the Note S model. It also offers best-in-class 31/35 mpg combined city/highway fuel efficiency with the CVT automatic gearbox. A weight reduction of 300 lbs on the new model has helped, along with a new steeply sloped windshield and sculpted body panels and an available Active Grille Shutter gives it more efficient aerodynamics to slip through the air for better fuel economy.

Around View Monitor is class-exclusive

But there is one class-exclusive technology that no other entry level car in the world offers. This sets the new four-door hatch apart from all the others. The new Versa Note comes with an option called Around View Monitor. It gives the driver a virtual 360 degree "bird's eye" view of the surroundings and is great for new drivers. The safety system lets the driver see things like the lines on either side of a parking space or the wall behind them allowing for more accurate and safe parking. Four cameras, one on each side of the vehicle, are used to create this 360-degree view.

Nissan hasn’t released pricing on the Versa Note Around View Monitor but it will be available with the SL tech package. Nissan Senior Manager of Product Planning, John Curl said, "There's no car anywhere close to this price point that has the Around View Monitor. It's class exclusive for a couple classes above actually.”

Divide-N-Hide Adjustable Floor offers interior versatility

Another notable available feature on the new compact car is what is called Divide-N-Hide Adjustable Floor (adjustable rear load floor height). The system features a large split-folding floor that can be used to create a flat cargo area or to provide a hidden cargo storage area underneath. It is a great feature for an entry level car for those who need to stow valuables away from sight. "With the fold-down seats we have a class-leading over 20 feet of cargo space, so yes, the Divide-N-Hide helps you utilize that to its full advantage," said Curl.

The 2014 Nissan Versa Note hatchback is the best-selling entry level car here in the U.S. and Nissan plans to keep it that way in the future. They have carefully planned to stay on top by giving the compact new exterior styling, interior versatility and advanced technology that will appeal to the new generation of buyers. The new Versa Note may be the best car in America under 14K. It starts with a great base price and class-leading fuel mileage that will certainly attract new buyers.

Watch 2014 Versa Note Offers Class- Exclusive Technology video.