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Are 2014 Subaru BRZ sales slipping in the UK?

Subaru UK is offering a free set of winter tires and wheels for the 2014 BRZ. Are sales of the two-door coupe beginning to slow?

Everyone knows a rear-wheel drive car is not the best car to be driving in snow and icy conditions. And Subaru UK is offering customers buying a new 2014 Subaru BRZ sports coupe some early festive cheer with a free set of alloy wheels and cold weather tires. But Subaru is not known for offering any kind of sales incentives. Could sales of the new BRZ be slipping in the UK?

It could be just a marketing ploy to get new buyers in the door to buy the BRZ during winter month’s when sales are slow for the rear-drive sports car. But there have been reports that there are many BRZ’s sitting in dealer showrooms and on dealer lots going unsold. Has the newness and glitter worn off the two-door coupe in the UK? Or maybe it’s just the winter doldrums setting in. The BRZ is an affordable performer, but sales are definitely slowing in the UK.

The dealer incentive from Subaru is worth quite a bit and the free set of winter tires and alloy wheels add up to 1095 British pounds and that includes mounting and balancing. That’s a good deal for UK performance fans who are looking to purchase a new BRZ sports car. If you are thinking of waiting until spring, this is a great deal. And dealers will even store your summer tires and wheels for you over the winter.

Subaru UK says the deal includes buyers getting new 215/45 Snoprox cold weather tires from Toyo that have been designed with special tread patterns to improve braking and provide more stable and predictable handling throughout the colder and wetter winter months. Buyers can choose between bright Silver or Anthracite Grey 17-inch alloy wheels.

The dealer incentive from Subaru UK will be good up until the end of February 2014 and can at the same time have their standard tyre/wheel combination stored free of charge at their local dealer and will be re-fitted when the weather warms up in the spring. That’s a great deal for UK buyers who live in condos or townhouses with very little storage.

Darren James, Subaru UK Director for Aftersales explained:  “The BRZ has won plaudits from across the industry as a great driver’s car. The offer of a free set of winter tyres will mean new owners can fully appreciate the BRZ’s blend of light weight, usable power and rear-wheel drive handling, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.”

Even though BRZ has won numerous awards, sales of the new 2014 Subaru BRZ are slipping in the UK. Because of this, Subaru is offering a rare incentive for BRZ buyers until February 28, 2014. It’s actually a great deal for those who live in the UK to take advantage of.

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