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5 Reasons Why Subaru Can't Axe the Low-Volume BRZ

Subaru launches the revamped 2017 Subaru BRZ in Australia. Why does Subaru keep the low-volume sports coupe around?

Subaru has just launched the 2017 BRZ sports coupe in Australia with a few new upgrades. Why doesn’t Subaru axe the two-door sports coupe? The rear-drive sports coupe doesn’t really fit Subaru’s niche market of all-wheel-drive, recreation-purposed models. The Japanese automaker doesn’t sell that many around the globe, and sales are down. Why do they keep it around?

Buyers aren’t initially looking for a crossover

Subaru has always used the rear-drive BRZ coupe to get new buyers in the door who wouldn’t normally come into a Subaru dealer. Think of the sports car like a loss leader. Subaru gets new buyers in the door who are drawn in by its sporty looks and driver-connected driving dynamics. These consumers aren’t necessarily looking for an all-wheel-drive crossover. After they get in the door, they will learn about the benefits of the Forester, Outback and Crosstrek models.

The BRZ is a tool to get new people into their showrooms, and it’s working. The BRZ will be someone’s second car and it won’t be used as a daily driver year round in most cases. Subaru will use their other vehicles like the Forester SUV, Outback wagon or Crosstrek crossover to grab these buyer’s attention when they are looking for a vehicle for everyday use. Subaru is attracting many new buyers to the brand who have never purchased a Subaru vehicle before.

The Australian 2017 BRZ gets a few upgrades

Subaru gives the BRZ a few new upgrades to add “fresh appeal” to the sports coupe. For 2017, the Australian BRZ gets new LED head lights and tail lights, engine refinements in manual transmission models, Vehicle Dynamics Control TRACK mode, Hill Start Assist, wider and lower look from the new bumper design, new 17-inch alloy whees, Auto air-conditioning, a new steering wheel, upgraded infotainment, enhanced instrument gauges, red stitching and BRZ-embossed front seats.

The 2017 Subaru BRZ gets updates, but it isn’t Subaru’s bread and butter model. It’s used as a sporty “catch-your-attention” model that will never be a large volume vehicle in the lineup. There's five reasons Subaru keeps the BRZ around. It’s helping the brand sell more Foresters, Outbacks, Crosstreks, WRX/STIs, and Legacy sedans. It’s a formula that’s working for Subaru. It’s why they won’t axe the BRZ sports coupe.

Source: Subaru AU

Images source: Subaru