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3 Reasons Why Subaru Scores Hat Trick in KBB’s Brand Image Awards

Subaru scores a hat rick in Kelly Blue Book Brand Image Awards. How do they beat the major brands?

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If you are into hockey you know a “hat trick” is when a player scores 3 goals in a game and it’s not easy to do. Subaru scored a hat trick this week in Kelly Blue Book’s (KBB) 2016 Brand Image Awards. How did the tiny automaker beat out the major brands? It’s their all-wheel-drive 2016 Forester, Outback and Crosstrek that are leading the way.

Subaru wins in three major categories in KBB’s 2016 Brand Image Awards. They won Best Overall Brand, Most Trusted Brand and Best Performance Brand. This is the first year Subaru has won Best Overall Brand and second consecutive wins for Most Trusted Brand and Best Performance Brand.

How did tiny Subaru do it?

KBB’s Brand Image Awards recognize automakers’ achievements in creating and maintaining brand attributes that capture the attention of the new-vehicle buying public. Winners are chosen based on new car buyer perception data. This is where Subaru seems to be leading all other automakers. Their brand is well-received by consumers.

Commitment to core values

Subaru’s core value of building all-wheel-drive vehicles sets the brand apart. Yet, it’s also the brand’s ability to build recreation-purposed crossovers that are fun-to-drive. Buyers can use the vehicles for daily commuting and for weekend recreation. Subaru picks up another award that sums up why the brand is so popular.

Subaru gets the Most Trusted Brand award

This makes two years in-a-row that Subaru has picked up this award. The brand’s lineup is “most trusted” because of their all-weather capabilities, but also because of their commitment to safety and for their loyal owners who keep the vehicles for years and then keep them in the family. KBB says, “Subaru's recipe for building affordable, dependable vehicles with all-weather grip and high safety standards has turned ordinary buyers into devout followers.

Subaru gets a hat trick and they beat larger automakers like Toyota, Honda and Ford. It’s because of their all-weather capabilities, safety ratings and driver engagement. Subaru’s 2016 Forester, Outback and Crosstrek are three cars in their lineup that score big for the brand.

Source: Subaru

Photo used with permission from Subaru

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