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3 Reasons Why BMW Could Axe the 3 Series Wagon

Will BMW give the axe to the 2016 3 Series wagon in the U.S.? Reports say yes.

With Mercedes-Benz launching the new E-Class Wagon and the confirmation of its inclusion in the US market, BMW could be going in the opposite direction with their wagon. According to Bimmerfile, BMW could axe the 3 series wagon in the US. With sales of the popular BMW X1 and X3 skyrocketing, BMW executives could be asking why they need to keep it.

Americans aren’t fond of wagons

There’s three reasons why BMW could axe the 3 Series sports wagon here in the U.S. market. Americans aren’t all that fond of the wagon body style. It’s never been a large volume model for BMW. Sales of their small X1 luxury crossover and X3 SUV are selling beyond expectations as Americans love their SUVs and CUVs. These vehicles make the 3 Series wagon expendable.

Enter the new 3 Series GT Gran Turismo

BMW just launched their new 3 Series GT Gran Turismo luxury sedan that has the storage capacity of a station wagon. BMW will likely sell more GT Gran Turismo 3 series than their wagons. It comes with a turbocharged engine that uses 14 percent less fuel than the outgoing model. BMW will push this vehicle hard in the US market. Scroll down to page 2 to see the new 3 Series GT Gran Turismo video.

Competition from an unlikely place

Competition is stiff in the U.S. for wagons and there’s only so many buyers for wagons. Sports wagons from Volvo, Audi and Subaru are tough to compete with. Subaru’s sales are up and the Outback is a popular choice for many consumers looking for a recreation-purposed wagon that also offers all-wheel-drive. Subaru just launched a new luxury 2017 Outback Touring that will be priced well below the top-end luxury 3 Series wagon. If you want a new BMW 3 Series wagon, you better get one soon. They could be going away forever.

Check out the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo video

Source: Bimmerfile

Image source: BMW