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TOMY introduces revolutionary new car seat with smartphone safety alerts

The new car seat, created by TOMY International sends notifications to parents' smartphones to alert them of multiple safety issues.


First Years, a brand from TOMY International, has just introduced a groundbreaking car seat, which alerts parents of multiple life-threatening situations via a smartphone app. A first of its kind, First Years’ Convertible Car Seat with iAlert notifies parents if the car seat is installed incorrectly, if a child becomes unbuckled or is accidentally left in the car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recognized the innovative car sear with its desirable 5-Star Ease of Use Rating.

According to TOMY, its product was created in response to alarming child safety statistics. The company reports that thousand of infants and children are injured or killed each year in motor vehicle accidents, many of which are due to an improperly installed car seat or an improperly restrained child. Aside from crash-related fatalities, heatstroke is the leading cause of child deaths. In 2011, 33 children died as a result of heatstroke after being unintentionally left in a car.

“At TOMY and The First Years our mission is to help parents and caregivers keep kids safe by making our quality products easy to use and install and by building in features and functions that take some of the guesswork out of using infant gear properly,” said Greg Kilrea, President of TOMY International. “Being able to provide parents with the additional peace of mind that comes with technological advances such as IAlert is central to our Company mission. It is critically important to us to take this leadership position in advancing the overall safety of infants and children in motor vehicles.”

For more information about First Years’ Convertible Car Seat, including a video, visit The car seat hits store shelves in Fall 2012.

Also worth noting is that the NHTSA recently revised their Car Seat Recommendations for Children guidelines. Firstly, the NHTSA urges consumers to purchase a car seat based on the child’s age and size. The car seat should also correspond with your vehicle’s measurements. Secondly, users should fully read the car seat’s owner’s manual to ensure that you properly install the unit. Also, always remember to check the car seat’s height and weight limits to guarantee maximum safety. Lastly, children should sit in the backseat at least through the age of 12, according to the NHTSA.

Click HERE to view NHTSA’s full car seat chart to see which unit best suits your needs.

Source: NHTSA; TOMY International