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Taxi of Tomorrow follow up report shows the Nissan NV200 working in the wilds of NYC

Cabs in New York City see things no one else will likely ever see. Find out what the new NV200 Taxi from Nissan has been seeing for the past few weeks.

Twenty-five year veteran taxi driver Demetrios Rizos was one of the first New York City cabbies to get a new Nissan NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow. He's been in that new ride for about a month now, putting time in the seat nearly every day.

"I love this car. It's a good choice, I think a very good choice," he said to Nissan when asked about what he thinks of the NV200 as his new cab.

The car he traded for the NV200 was a Crown Victoria, which is much bulkier and less maneuverable than the NV200. It's also not nearly as optimized for cab use. "You have New Yorkers that lived all their lives here in New York, and they never experienced the skyline of the city. I mean, now through the skylight they see the city; they see the buildings. New Yorkers are actually taking videos and photos with their telephones," said Rizos. "The tips have been better. I mean it has to be something they love about the car and the experience."

For himself, Rizos appreciates the adjustable driver's seat and the roominess the new cabs offer both himself and his passengers. The easy in-and-out doors and safer curbside access are also big bonuses for the vehicle.

The cars give off a sort of premium appeal, a black limousine style feel to them from the passenger's perspective. So far, about 200 of the NV200 taxis have been purchased and are being distributed in New York City with more to come. The taxis are also slated to begin arriving in other cities like Seattle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and more very soon.

Watch the video below to see how Rizos enjoys his taxi every day: