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Say it ain't so! Rumor Says Infiniti Is Shelving GT-R-powered Q50 Eau Rouge

A rumor started by, get this, a Cadillac executive, says that the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge with a GT-R powertrain won't be made.

Johan de Nysschen is the current Cadillac boss who left Infiniti back in July for the Detroit brand. He's best known for posting rants and trolls on colleague's and former workmates' pages. His latest is to call out Infiniti on what he calls a "bottleneck" by saying that because there is only one person left at Nissan's premium brand who's publicly pushing for the Q50 Eau Rouge, he may not have the gumption to keep pressing and make the car happen.

His Facebook post said, specifically:

"I heard a rumor that Noboru Tateishi is going to cop-out and shelve the Eau Rouge project now that I'm not there to pressure him. Tell any Cadillac or Audi engineer 'build me a 560hp sports sedan' and you have to reign them in. At Infiniti, it seems easier to push water uphill. More enthusiasm for "driver's aids", apparently, than 'driver's cars', in some quarters, it would seem."

Tateishi is a VP of Vehicle Test Technology at Infiniti and one of the principals responsible for many of the decisions made about vehicles that eventually go to market. He is one of the key decision makers when it comes to what will and what will not become a production vehicle and has been, in the past, a semi-vocal proponent of the Q50 Eau Rouge concept powered by the super-hot V6 powertrain from the Nissan GT-R supercar. We'd call this new car the Red Godzilla, I think. Or maybe Eauzilla. That has kind of a ring to it.

So far, Infiniti has not responded to Nysschen's post.

Hat Tip to Jalopnik