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Paul Walker's Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 up for sale - is it a hoax?

The Nissan GT-R that Paul Walker drove as Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious movie franchise has been put up for sale in Germany. Hoax or real?


Paul Walker, the actor best known for his part in the Fast & Furious movie franchise, died in a tragic car accident on November 30. The actor, well-known for both his on-screen and off-screen capability in car racing, drove one of the most desirable vehicles in the films.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 he drove has been heavily modified and is famous for its role in the films, but of course, the death of the actor most associated with it has probably only driven its value upwards.

The car is being offered for sale for the cool sum of $1,000,000 Euros (about $1.37 million USD).

The Skyline GT-R has about 6,000 kilometers on the odometer and has had several modifications for both aesthetics and performance. The ad lists several things added to the car and changed. What it doesn't mention is one key piece of information that could point to the ad being a fake or at least being less than truthful about the car they're selling.

You see, the vehicle used in the movies, driven by Paul Walker, is not a GT-R at all. It's actually a Nissan Skyline GT-S that was modified heavily to look like a GT-R. Only a very few people might know this, since it was not heavily publicized, but the information was dropped shortly after the fourth installment of the movie became a popular subject.

What's also not mentioned in the ad is that the GT-S in question may be the one stolen from its storage facility in Los Angeles in 2009. It was one of at least two used in the films and both were said to be owned by the tuning shop of Paul Walker's friend who also died in the wreck two weeks ago.

The ad itself, while in German, lists the car as being the only one in the world, which may mean it's the legitimate car. It also accurately, as far as we can tell, lists the car's engine specs and many of its tuning changes.

Phone calls to the seller were not answered or returned, nor were email inquiries. The firm selling the car, however, is a well-known restoration firm in Germany and adds a lot of legitimacy to the ad's authenticity. Their website features a large banner ad linking to Paul Walker's Haiyan relief fund, which leads to his charity, Reach Out WorldWide.

It also lists the car in question as being available for purchase. Along with videos showing the car's provenance, according to the seller.

This leads us to believe that the offer of sale is legitimate and that this may, in fact, be the other GT-S/GT-R used in the films.