Sir Chris Hoy and his Nissan GT-R

Olympian Sir Chris Hoy receives his new Nissan GT-R #UniteAndExcite

The most successful Olympic cyclist of all time drives a Nissan GT-R and is now a brand ambassador for Nissan in the UK.

Let's say that you're a six-time Olympic gold medalist for cycling and are used to speed, aerodynamics, and performance in synergy between man and machine. Now let's say you're looking for a car that exemplifies that for you. What do you choose?

If you fit the above description, your name is Sir Chris Hoy and you choose a brand spankin' new Nissan GT-R supercar. With 550PS, a 195 mph top speed, and one of the fastest Nurburgring times on record, it's hard to see why he'd go elsewhere. Especially given that Nissan is also the Official Automotive Partner of Team GB and ParalympicsGB on the Road to Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. That's just icing on the cake.

An excited Sir Chris said: “It’s a phenomenal car – absolutely amazing to drive. I love the fact you can pootle around town in it like any other car but then, when you get it on the open road, it’s something truly special.”

Because of that synergy and the sponsorship of Nissan for the 2016 games, Sir Hoy has also become the company's brand ambassador in their new #UniteAndExcite campaign. This is a campaign fronted by Nissan in sponsorship of the team's work towards the 2016 Olympics. It will highlight the individuals and teams competing and preparing for the Rio Games.

Sir Chris Hoy received his new GT-R at the West Way Nissan Manchester dealership this week (pictured above, courtesy of Nissan).

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