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Nissan Pulls Prank With 'World's Cleanest Car', the Self-cleaning LEAF

The self-cleaning Nissan LEAF with its special repellent paint was put to the test on the streets of the United States in a new series of prank videos for YouTube.


Videos have begun popping up on YouTube featuring the "world's cleanest car," the "self-cleaning" Nissan LEAF electric car, in various street prank situations. The videos, designed as a sort of mashup of The Three Stooges and Candid Camera are designed to elicit reactions from people on the street. Other social media campaigns accompany the series.

We talked about the self-cleaning LEAF earlier this year when Nissan declared that the nano-paint used on the car would put car washes out of business. This amazing technology is almost unbelievable, which is why Nissan has decided to show it off in public with these inventive short films.

The Nissan Paint Prank hit YouTube this week (see it below) as a calamity similar to one used in a film starring the Three Stooges. The expressions and reactions from bystanders to the painters' and their bumbling are priceless. They eventually catch on to the silliness of the situation and can be seen finally "getting in on" the prank. One guy, thinking he's liable, though, actually runs for it.

Nissan's Instagram channel is also lighting up, currently with a Guess the Mess contest to challenge fans to guess what's been spilled on the self-cleaning LEAF. Guessing means you can choose what's dumped on the car next, which will then become the final set of videos titled Will It Stick?.

Videos will begin appearing next week featuring the things fans have requested be thrown on the self-cleaning car. Random drawings of winning ideas will also win participants gift cards for car washes so that they can keep their more mundane, non-self-cleaning cars shiny and new.

The hashtag #WorldsCleanestCar is being used across platforms for social media sharing and interaction.