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Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp offers payment extension for government shutdown furloughs

Nissan customers who purchased through the company's financial services division and who are losing income due to the government furlough can get an extension on payments to defer them during the government shutdown.

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp, the financial services division of Nissan Motor Comapny, offers an extension of payments for up to 90 days for those in need. This includes the unemployed, sick, and those who face temporary financial hardship that may cause them to get behind on their car payments. Nissan wants federal employees and contracts who are indefinitely furloughed during the government shutdown that this includes them as well.

"NMAC is sympathetic to any of our customers who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances-many times outside of their control-and we want to provide assistance to help them through those times of uncertainty," said Mark Kaczynski, president, NMAC. "Our customers' needs are the No. 1 priority at Nissan, which is why we have this program available on an ongoing basis."

Lease and retail customers can delay payment up to three months (90 days) without any extension fees if they quality. There are, of course, conditions and laws that will apply in various jurisdictions, but those who need it can apply through their NMAC financing agent.

Nissan, of course, heavily markets to the public service sector, especially the military and their families, with special programs and incentives to encourage them to buy Nissan and Infiniti products. Many government employees are facing uncertain finances this month as the federal government's shutdown due to budget bickering at the Capital has meant being sent home from work until operations return to normal. It's estimated that about 800,000 federal employees are currently furloughed and another 400,000 or more contractors to the government may also be on leave. Government services from websites to First Lady Michelle Obama's Twitter account have been put on hold or reduced status for the duration.

Several automakers, including Nissan, Hyundai and others, have reached out to furloughed government employees to let them know about deferment or extension plans for their automotive purchases. Meanwhile, mudslinging in Washington continues unabated as role reversals from the last shutdown commence.