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The Nissan Foundation is looking for a few good charities

The Nissan Foundation, a charitable giving organization founded by Nissan North America, gives grants to charities working towards better communities in those neighborhoods where Nissan operates. Find out how your non-profit can apply.

The Nissan Foundation is calling for Letters of Intent (LOI) for the 2014 grant year. Charities that align with the Foundation's mission are encouraged to apply.

"The Nissan Foundation is committed to enriching people's lives in the neighborhoods where Nissan operates," said Vicki Smith, executive director of the Nissan Foundation. We are looking for educational programs that foster a greater appreciation for diversity while creating a positive influence in the community." To be eligible, nonprofits must have been in existence for more than three years. Projects must demonstrate creative and replicable solutions and establish clear methodology for measuring results.

The Nissan Foundation is looking for non-profits in areas of the country in which Nissan operates, including Southern California, North Central Texas, Middle Tennessee, South Central Mississippi, Eastern Michigan, and the New York and Atlanta Metro areas. These are the areas in which Nissan has operations. Part of the Foundation's work is to encourage Nissan employees to get involved in the charities that the Foundation supports. Most of these areas have employee clubs and Foundation affiliate groups that facilitate this volunteerism.

The Nissan Foundation was established in 1992 and has contributed more than $7 million to nonprofit groups since its start. The Foundation is committed to celebrating cultural diversity as a means to promote respect for others, generate alternative ways of thinking, strengthen self-awareness and enrich communities.

The Foundation application process is conducted electronically to eliminate paper waste and align with Nissan's global mission to support a greener environment.

Organizations that meet the Foundation's eligibility requirements and that wish to apply for an initial grant from the Nissan Foundation must submit an LOI by Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. Nissan Foundation grants are awarded annually; the next grants will be awarded in July 2014. For more information about the Nissan Foundation and its application process, visit