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Nissan Debuts Juke Stinger Edition and Color Studio Street Art Battle

The LA Auto Show had many unveilings, among which were the new Nissan Color Studio options, introduced through a street art battle with the Versa Note as a canvas, and a specially-designed Juke Stinger Edition.

The Nissan Juke is a “love or hate” crossover and is one of the compact crosses that defined the class when it was introduced. There are a lot of people who love the Juke, though, and they also love to personalize it. Acknowledging that, Nissan created the Color Studio program, debuting it last year for the Juke, allowing customers to choose specific dealer-added options to customize their car.

Options include different colors for vehicle body parts like spoilers, door handles, side mirror caps, and trim pieces. Interior updates can include dashboard marques. shifter knob changes, and more. To showcase many of the capabilities of this customization, Nissan designed two special Juke Stinger Editions for the LA show.

The first is a limousine black Juke with yellow highlights to its mirrors, door handles, spoiler, and wheels. Special black additions to the bumper accents, center console, power window switches, air vent rings, wheel stitching, and more were also added. A transverse copy in yellow with black accents and yellow details was also created.

“While many buyers enjoy the ability to custom configure their JUKE through the seemingly endless combinations of colors and accessories available through Color Studio, we’ve taken two of our most popular colors – yellow and black – and most frequently ordered accessories and packaged them into these two special Stinger Editions,” said Pierre Loing, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc.

The Stinger Edition option packages are available as a trim option for the Juke for a $990 package fee.

In addition, Nissan has added the Versa Note to the Color Studio program, allowing buyers to customize their car for dealer add-ons. To show this off, special Color Studio editions of the Versa Note were created by three street artists in the LA area and then customized further during a live “street art battle.”