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Nissan creates Google Maps-based virtual detour drive with 2014 Rogue

The 2014 Nissan Rogue can now be virtually driven on the Nissan website on what the automaker is calling a "cinematic detour". Check it out!

Nissan has launched The Detour, a virtual driving adventure promoting the all-new 2014 Rogue. Similar to the "detour" advertisement launched at the Super Bowl, the online adventure takes viewers on a cinematic detour from their normally-planned driving route.

Using Google Street View on Google Maps and some Hollywood digital effects as well as a soundtrack from M.I.A., the test drive experience can be started from anywhere in the world and launches the viewer on a surprise detour from their planned route.

Optimized for desktops, laptops or smart phones, the virtual test drives start when you enter a beginning and destination point (either can be the current location of the device accessing the browser). From there, the experience can go hog wild.

Most likely, you'll find out that cars can't fly yet, but end up in some exotic locale regardless. I tried it from our home in Wyoming* and had a destination in Denver, Colorado. Instead, me and my Rogue ended up in Tibet.

You can find out where your Rogue can take you or download the soundtrack from The Detour by going to

The Detour experience will be supplemented by an online media buy, including homepage takeovers on MSN and Yahoo! and promotion on Nissan's social media channels.