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New Nissan Juke Color Studio Lets You Totally Customize Your 2015 Juke

Nissan has launched a cool new "Color Studio" that allows Juke fans and buyers to create custom Jukes of their own. Here are the options and my own creation.


The Nissan Juke has become a popular compact crossover and many buyers are finding ways to customize this quirky car to make it their own. Seeing this trend, Nissan created the new Juke Color Studio for consumers who want to buy a 2015 Juke and have it customized before delivery.

The studio allows up to twelve Genuine Nissan Accessory items to be added and customized with up to eight color options for the Juke. Body colors can be chosen to match. A parts list and color choice list is given below.

Once the options are chosen and colorized for the exterior of the 2015 Nissan Juke, the customer can then make a few option choices for the interior colors as well. Here's how I built my (current) dream Juke using Nissan's Color Studio.

I started with a base Yellow color. I then tried a couple of combination choices, trying Red and Electric Blue as the accessories' color option. The red was a clash, of course, and the blue was too "everyone does this." Black was never an option as I'm not into the bumblebee look. Then I tried White. Ding! Perfect. I fiddled with the wheels a bit (all-white wheels was a bit much) and settled on the white with yellow accents and a yellow center cap. I also tried some carbon fiber on a couple of points like the hatch handle finishers and door handles, but it detracted from the overall look I wanted, so I left them white.

On the interior, I went with the SV package's red and gray leather with silver console. I then added orange accents to bring the outside of the car in. This put orange edges around the outer round vents, the stereo tweeters, and the floormats.

A couple of notes here. First, the interior is not as customizable as the exterior, which is a bummer. I would have preferred to have been able to make the interior have things like leather stitching and such that matched the exterior color. Further, all of this customization isn't available on the NISMO package, which is the one I would buy on a new Juke.

Still, users of the Color Studio will no doubt find it be a great way to get the ball rolling on a totally customized 2015 Juke. Because these are dealer-installed options, they can be rolled into the purchase price of the vehicle as part of a loan or lease. These installations can also be ordered for customer installation.

Here's the accessories available for the Juke.

  • Front and rear bumper accents,
  • headlight trim rings,
  • side mirror caps,
  • door handle covers,
  • side door sills,
  • rear roof spoiler,
  • hatch handle finishers,
  • lower hatch accent,
  • interior inserts (tweeters and vents),
  • floor mats,
  • 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and center caps.

Color choices are:

  • Red,
  • Yellow,
  • Orange,
  • Electric Blue,
  • Black Purple,
  • White,
  • Matte Black and
  • Carbon-fiber Look.

You can customize your own 2015 Nissan Juke in the Color Studio here.