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Mercedes-Benz AMG inspires world's most powerful powerboat

The AMG has inspired the world's most powerful electric drive powerboat, built as a prototype by Cigarette Racing in Miami and debuting at the Miami International Boat Show this weekend.

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have cooperated to make this concept boat a reality at the Miami International Boat Show going on this weekend in Florida. The design concept and numerous components from the SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive have been integrated into the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept boat's engineering.

The high-performance drive in the powerboat makes it the most powerful and fastest electrically-driven motorboat in the world. The drive train is based on the Mercedes-AMG coupe's electronics, but puts out far more power and speed.

The 38-foot powerboat is finished in AMG Electricbeam magno paint colors, matching the car's exclusive paint job exactly. Underneath, the boat has many of the same electric components as the car, but with far greater output. The car's maximum output of 552 kW is trebled in the boat to 1,656 kW with torque numbers to match (3,000 Nm versus the car's 1,000). Maximum speed in the car is limited to 155 mph and the boat will reach speeds over 99 mph. Batteries must be increased to match this output, of course, so the boat holds 240 kWh or batteries as opposed to the car's 60 kWh. Both systems use a 400 Volt system and have zero CO2 emissions at the (theoretical) tailpipe.

Everything on the boat is inspired by or directly copied from the Mercedes-AMG Coupe Electric Drive. Signature AMG elements in the Cigarette AMG concept include racing sports seats, carbon elements in the cockpit, driver feedback display concept, and AMG logos throughout.

Mercedes and Cigarette Racing have been allied since 2007, organizing joint customer and marketing activities in the South Florida market. They've previously launched exclusive powerboats inspired by AMG designs. The 46-foot Rider boat was inspired by the SLS AMG gullwing from 2009 and the Inspired by AMG Black Series 50-foot Marauder came in 2012 thanks to the C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series.

Like the exclusive AMG line, the Cigarette company's line of boats feature hand-made luxury and custom builds with testing under extreme conditions to ensure quality.