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Little did you know that Monte Carlo means supercar awesome

The 2014 Monte Carlo Automobil Rascasse takes what we Americans consider one of the lamest sports car names and turns it into one of the most awesome supercars you can imagine.


Back in 1983, when the American version of the Monte Carlo was still popular, a racecar driver and engineer named Fulvio Maria Ballabio started a new company called Monte Carlo Automobil, named after his favorite race in Europe. He launched his first prototype, the MCA Centenaire that year, in honor of the Automobile Club of Monaco.

With thirty years of supercar making under its belt, MCA is celebrating by releasing an all-new piece of supercar awesomeness. The 2014 Monte Carlo Automobil Rascasse is named after the infamous Monte Carlo circuit corner that has dogged many a driver.

The 2014 Rascasse has a 5.4-liter V-12 putting out 500 horsepower in a mid-mounted configuration. This allows the hood to be low and slim, of course, with definite Enzo-like styling to go with its ultra-short nose. What's more, that five hundred horse powerhouse can be fueled by both high-octane gasoline and hydrogen-enriched liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Italian LPG specialist BRC was brought in to design the systems for that high-energy mix.

The car is built on a race-ready monocoque chassis. So far, performance numbers haven't been given, but the Rascasse will assuredly have enough badassery to contend with any member of the world's most exclusive supercar club.

The Monte Carlo Rascasse will be hand-built and only fifteen examples will be made. Those will sell for about €500,000 each, which is roughly $655,000. For that hefty tag, though, you can expect that as soon as these roll off the assembly line, there will be eager hands holding signed checks for purchase.

Befitting today's times, of course, a hybrid version of the Rascasse is being rumored.