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Infiniti Redbull Racing Formula One car races fighter jet [video]

Infiniti Redbull Racing is hot on the F1 circuit, but in this video, they set out to prove that they're also hot on the runway versus an RAAF fighter jet.

One thing no one will dispute is that of all the Formula One race teams, few have the marketing hubris of the Infiniti Redbull team. Their YouTube and social media channels are full of stunts and hijinx meant to promote the team.

This isn't to cover up paltry performance either. The Infiniti F1 team has taken more than one podium at Grand Prix globally.

In this video, the newest driver on the Infiniti Redbull team, Daniel Ricciardo, climbs into his race car to go head-to-head with one of the world's fastest machines. This time, however, it's not on the race track against another car, but on a runway against an F-18 Hornet fighter jet from the Royal Australian Air Force.

In the two and a half minutes of the video, we can see that Ricciardo gets the lead early on, beating the aircraft for initial torque-to-speed application. It doesn't take long for things to change, however.

How cool is that? You tell me.