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Infiniti Recreates 'Blond in a Ferrari' Scene From Lampoon's Vacation

The video features the 2015 Infiniti QX60 and, of course, a blond in a Ferrari in tribute to National Lampoon's Vacation. But with a surprise twist.

You remember the scene: the family is packed into the car, the wife is dozing in the passenger's seat, and then he notices the hot blond in a convertible Ferrari approach. Making eyes out the window, she toys with him before passing. It's one of the most iconic scenes from the Vacation series of films featuring Chevy Chase.

Now, Infiniti has recreated that scene with the QX60 crossover as the family car. The scene stars Ethan Embry from the latest Vegas Vacation film as his family packs in to head off to Wally World. The Ferrari, the blond, and the rest are an homage to the original.

Then a surprise appearance by Christy Brinkley finishes off the scene. It's brilliant.

Bet you didn't see that coming.