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GM and HP team up on IT

General Motors and Hewlett-Packard have signed a set of multi-year project services and software contracts to help accelerate GM's ongoing IT transformation efforts.


After announcing the opening of the second of four IT Innovation Centers earlier this month, General Motors has now signed agreements with Hewlett-Packard, one of the nation's largest technology providers, for multiple services and software contracts to accelerate GM's IT transformation.

The agreements will provide GM with cost-neutral solutions and include about 3,000 HP employees transitioning onto GM's employment rolls. It's all a part of GM's plans to deliver seamless, global services and products through its operations.

“These agreements with HP will enable us to accelerate the progress of our IT transformation by delivering increased innovation and speed of delivery to our GM business partners, and reduce the cost of ongoing IT operations,” said GM Chief Information Officer Randy Mott.

The entire process of opening the Innovation Centers, consolidating its IT workforce, and bringing on experienced and already-operating IT professionals from HP, etc. are all part of GM's moving from a mostly-outsourced business model for information technology services to a much more in-house model. This bucks current business trends, which emphasize specialization and outsourcing for non-specialty services, but GM believes this in-sourcing model will work better for them.

“Transforming our internal IT operations will give us the resources, tools and flexibility we need to provide better services and products to our global GM customers,” says Mott.

The agreements with HP also include several software licenses and additions, including HP's IT Performance Suite, Enterprise Security Suite, Vertica and Autonomy Software, and more. These are all tools for application development, support, and security.

GM says they will soon announce the locations for the remaining two promised IT Innovation Centers.