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Check out Nissan's new high-octane, fan-based adventure series!

Called "Open the Briefcase," the online adventure series gets the reader involved in some high-speed, action-oriented excitement with the all-new Nissan Rogue.

So, you've called and hired a private limousine service to get a ride home. The driver arrives with an all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue and opens the door for you. Little did you know what this would turn into.

Two minutes later (by the video count), after a harrowing journey involving other manufacturer's vehicles smashing into your Rogue as they chase you and your driver through the city's streets, you're in a culvert surrounded by some mean-looking fellows and a helicopter. They demand you give them the briefcase the driver handed you during the chase.

What do you do?

Spoiler alert!
After you've watched the video and clicked through to, you're presented with a new Facebook page for the Rogue and Open the Briefcase. Three briefcases are presented. You can choose one.

From there, you enter your email address and a CAPTCHA to verify you exist and the briefcase you chose opens. If there's a key inside, you might have won a new Rogue! If not, you can share the experience with friends via social media and get more chances to open briefcases.

A very cool ad campaign, for sure, and one that is going to make a lot of people very excited about the new Rogue. Worth checking out!