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Aftermarket Much? 2016 Nissan Titan XD Hits SEMA Garage

The aftermarket accessory business is huge for pickup trucks and Nissan knows that to make the Titan XD a success, they'll have to make sure that the accessory businesses that bring the bling will be ready when the new truck hits showrooms this fall.


To encourage accessory companies and aftermarket innovation for the 2016 Titan XD, Nissan scheduled a "measuring day" at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association garage in Los Angeles. There, accessory makers showed up on schedule to begin measuring and test fitting products they're planning to offer specifically for the Titan XD.

The 2016 Titan XD is bigger, more powerful, and heavier than the Titan has ever been before. It's superior towing, hauling, and other characteristics are all things that aftermarket accessory makers plan to take advantage of. The Titan XD being powered by a Cummins diesel engine also means that powerplant upgrades and specialty items (filter replacements, intake upgrades, and the like) are also going to be big business.

In the video below, you'll see companies specializing in various accessories combing the Titan XD for measurements and fit to include everything from bed covers to bumpers to engine and exhaust upgrades. "Ideally, when the vehicle hits the retail launch," says Jim Moore, Senior Director of OEM Relations at SEMA, "our aftermarket community has the products to fit them."

Truck customers want different things from their trucks. The goal of a manufacturer is to make a good, all-around truck offering that's capable of going offroad for fun, pulling and hauling loads for work, and getting the driver around in comfort while doing either. The goal of aftermarket fitters is to specialize the truck towards either goal as well as provide accessories to make the truck look more unique and personalized than it came from the showroom.

Several Nissan experts were on hand to answer questions, provide input, and give details when required. The 2016 Nissan Titan XD will be the only heavy-duty half-ton on the market when it enters showrooms later this year.