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Old Spice Introduces New Concept Vehicle

Old Spice is out with an environmentally response sports car as part of a new marketing campaign called Believe in Your Smellf.

The vehicle in question is an electric version of the DeLorean DMC like the one introduced at the New York Auto Show earlier this month – but with a major difference. It's made of sand.

Of course, it's all tongue-in-cheek because Old Spice is more about underarm protection and not producing cars. However it is a pretty cool sand castle type of thingy.

There are two commercials that Old Spice has made available on its YouTube channel. (Wait a minute, Old Spice has a YouTube channel?) There's one compelling reason to watch the "I Can Do Anything" version: Heather Graham. Call us old school but we've loved her forever, even as the whore in The Hangover. (Bet you thought I was going to say Boogie Nights.)

In "I Can Do Anything," the protagonist (probably too grand a term for a YouTube commercial) listens to self-improvement tapes to, well, improve his self or as Old Spice would say, his smellf (spoiler alert: that's a play on words on smell and self). On one part of the tape, the protagonist who looks like a young Kenny Powers in his Mexico days sans goatee is instructed to break up with Heather Graham because he needs his space.

The second commercial, called Sand Car, is much more shallow with an allegedly inspiring message: Being a champion isn't about overcoming adversity. It's about romancing that adversity until it's fallen in love with you." Cut to lovely bikini babe (modestly wrapped in a wrap) and our Old Spice protagonist coolly sipping on a Big Gulp made out of sand. Not an actual Big Gulp because this is an Old Spice commercial and not a 7-Eleven spot but you get the drift.