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Odds Are Long But You Can Win a BMW X3 Lease on Facebook

News of an automaker launching a contest such as BMW has in advance of the Super Bowl on its Facebook page to win a two-year lease on a BMW X3 is not noteworthy in and of itself. What is interesting is the contest requires viewers to guess the configuration of the BMW X3, which has 10 million possible choices.


That’s right: you basically have a one in 10 million shot to win the BMW Facebook contest that gives away a two-year lease on a BMW X3 as well as a trip to Spartanburg, S.C., to pick up the BMW X3, tour the BMW factory where it’s built, and get two days of performance driving instruction at the BMW Performance Center.

It’s a great price but you’re going to have to work for it. Through Feb. 10, you can log onto the BMW USA Facebook page and get a head start on all those folks who won’t know about the contest until the Super Bowl commercials air on Feb. 6. You can only enter once a day and winning is somehow based on a point system. Points will be awarded for entry and for correctly matching the BMW X3 configuration. According to BMW’s Facebook page, the commercial will offer clues to help you beat the one in 10 million odds.

BMW is proud that the odds are long to win a BMW X3 on Facebook. As the press release announcing the contest stated, “There are 10 million unique configurations available for the new BMW X3 and this initiative was designed to highlight this important product message, as well as the fact that the BMW X3 is made in America.” As if to say, look how many ways you can configure the BMW X3 and, oh yeah, we’re building it in the U.S.

Just because auto writers can sometimes be a bit geeky, we calculated how many days it would take, if you could guess once every minute: 6,944.44 days or just slightly more than 19 years. There is some consolation if you don’t win the top prize: ten First Prize packages will also be awarded. First Prize winners will each receive a trip for two to BMW’s Spartanburg, S.C. plant for a tour and a two-day class at the BMW Performance Driving School, presumably against the grand-prize winner. All we can do is ask for civility from the first-prize winners. Don’t gang up on the grand prize winner.

Available this month, the new BMW X3 is bigger than its predecessor on the inside and offers more functionality and comfort. The first generation X3 was a surprisingly tight, not-fun-to-drive little SUV that sounds like it has improved immensely. The new BMW X3 is the first BMW model to be equipped with electro-mechanical power steering as standard equipment.

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