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Neil Young's Classic Lincoln Damaged in Fire

Neil Young's classic 1959 Lincoln has been heavily damaged in a warehouse fire. The legendary rock star had converted a 1959 Lincoln Continental to run on electricity. Called the LincVolt now, it is the world's first Micro-Turbine powered Bio-Electro-Cruiser. Designed in 1959 to travel in style and grace, this timeless, beautiful and spacious Electro-Turbine Series-Hybrid now draws its power from a multi-fueled Capstone Micro-turbine generator, a UQM 150KW prime mover and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

LincVolt Damaged by Faulty Charger

Young issued this statement: We are thankful that no one was hurt in the fire at our warehouse last week. My wife Pegi and I would like to thank the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Dept for doing such an exemplary job. A lot of archival items were threatened and the fire department did a first class job protecting them. However LincVolt suffered a disastrous accidental fire stemming from human error. The car was plugged in to charge and left unattended. The wall charging system was not completely tested and had never been left unattended. A mistake was made. It was not the fault of the car.

So now we pick up the pieces.

LincVolt History

Here's some history of the LincVolt, courtesy of Young's publicity Rick Gershon: "In 2008, Young assembled a team to modify his 1959 Lincoln Continental to enable it to run on electricity. The goal was to inspire a generation by creating a clean automobile propulsion technology that serves the needs of the 21st century, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a new low while delivering performance that is a reflection of the driver's spirit.

"By creating and demonstrating this new clean power technology, LincVolt hopes to show a way to reduce the demand for petro-fuels enough to eliminate the need for war over energy supplies, thereby enhancing the security of the USA and other nations throughout the world."

He added, "LincVolt, with a 50-mile all-electric commuting range and a 400-mile extended range, proves that a plug-in Electro-Turbine Series-Hybrid and 'Green Charging' can deliver the driving spirit of a full size highway cruiser, while achieving lower emissions than the best hybrid in either long range or commuter range.

More information about the LincVolt is available at .