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How To Check if a Sunroof Is Part of a Voluntary Safety Recall

Anybody with sunroofs in their personal vehicles should pay attention to a voluntary safety recall because you can’t always tell if a sunroof in a new or used car was installed by the dealer or the manufacturer.


Webasto Product North America Inc. is conducting a voluntary safety recall on two of its non-factory (aftermarket) installed sunroof product lines. In rare instances, conditions existing with the adhesive bond between the glass and metal frame in these affected Hollandia 700/600 and Hollandia TVS 900 series aftermarket (non-factory installed) sunroofs can increase the risk that the sunroof glass may completely debond from its frame. Completely debonded sunroof glass can detach from the vehicle while driving and could strike another vehicle or injure a pedestrian.

Webasto is asking all consumers who have a vehicle with a sunroof to take some easy steps to determine if their vehicle's sunroof is included in the recall. Affected sunroofs will be repaired at no cost to the consumer.

According to a Webasto press release, there is an easy way to visually distinguish between the small percentage of sunroofs being affected by this recall. The most recognizable components of the sunroofs affected are the switches and presence of a Webasto logo on the sunshade handle.

  • Hollandia 700 and 600 model: Consumers should look at the sunshade handle; if it says "Webasto" and the serial number is within the range of 6000000 to 6396298 it is covered under the safety recall.
  • Hollandia TVS 900 models: These models have two tilt up glass panels with a black plastic bar crossing the glass side to side. If "Webasto" is embossed on the bar, it is also covered under this safety recall.

This recall is not being administered by dealers. According to the recall website set up by Webasto,, you need to deal directly with Webasto. There’s lot of useful info on the site, including a section of frequently asked questions and how to file a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration if you can’t get the sunroof fixed in a timely manner.


Greg "Bullet" Black (not verified)    April 9, 2021 - 12:54AM

I opened my sunroof 1 nice march night and closed it when I was pulling into th drive. The next day I was on the interstate and I was hitting a lot of win noise. I went to check it and there was no glass there. No where.
I went from place to place , starting with a man that has been doin all my glass work for 15 years. He and none of th others had anything good to say. I kept hearing aftermarket, but it looked like totally manufactured at th manufacture.
Then 1 young man at a custom car shop started asking quests about switches n labels.
He told me they are on a recall, but he didnt know where or whom.
Anyway I called th number on th website over a week ago and still have not heard a word.
I dont have a garage n it's been raining n in my truck..
Ease tell me where to go for th refit/recall.
I am in Richmond Virginia