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Car Buying Advice You Never Thought Of

As the end of the year approaches, many folks are rushing out to buy new cars because of end-of-year deals. Here is some advice for new car buying you never thought of but could be important in protecting you as you make the second largest financial commitment most people will ever make.

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Most of the common new car buying advice is out there, such as fully research the price of the vehicle you want online; arrange financing independent of the dealership (it’s a great bargaining tool); and check manufacturer websites for rebates and other special offers.

However, there are some things most people never consider when new car shopping (some of this advice works for used car shopping, too). That is why TorqueNews presents six car buying tips you may not have thought of. Yet, they could save you hundreds of dollars and actually enhance your new car buying experience:

  • Eat a good meal before car shopping. You never want to go hungry because you will be distracted if your stomach starts rumbling or your energy wanes. At the very least, pack a banana.
  • Leave the kids at home. They are a major distraction. There was a story in the New York Times about a man who didn’t read his paper work closely and end up paying $4000 more on a $35,000 vehicle because his kids wanted to leave.
  • Google or Bing the dealership. Click on the Blogs link at the left of the search page. This is where you will find a lot of unvarnished truth about a dealership.
  • You don’t need a service contract. That NY Times story also deals with a service contract the customer bought – on a new car. All new cars come with warranties. No new car needs a service contract. They are simply high-commission products, that usually make you jump through hoops to get reimbursed.
  • Trust your gut. If any aspect of the car buying process makes you uncomfortable (the sales person, the finance manager, the showroom interior), just leave. Remember that you are the customer. The dealership needs you. You don’t need the dealership.
  • Buy your new car via the Internet. This is the way to go if you want a truly hassle-free experience. Start by going to a site like or Put in what you are looking for and the Internet sales people will contact you. It’s an amazingly simple process that can save you time and lots of money because it’s easy to play one dealer off the other (and Internet sales people tend to be less pushy).

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