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BMW Facebook Page Awarding Holiday Gifts To Loyal Fans

BMW, which is renowned for doing more with less, has managed to squeeze the 12 Days of Christmas into 10 with the first-ever BMW Ultimate Gift Giveaway that runs from Dec. 14 to 23 via the German automaker's USA Facebook page.

The BMW Ultimate Gift Giveaway awards lucky users with daily prize packages including Original BMW Accessory and Lifestyle products such as watches, baby racers, key-chains and more. Of course, this ultimate gift giveaway is just another way not to market the car lineup but to sell stuff. Plus, don't hold your breath. You're not going to win a BMW vehicle.

BMW USA will award daily prize packages to fans of all ages—from the littlest drivers in the seat of its M Baby Racer to golfers equipped with BMW Championship gear and style-driven leather accessories for both men and women. You just need to, of course, fill out a registration form to be considered for the prize and tell BMW what your dream BMW is.

Users enter the BMW Ultimate Gift Giveaway simply by visiting the sweepstakes tab on the BMW USA Facebook page to see the prize of the day and can check back daily for a chance to win even more prizes. They can also find more information on all of the prizes and see the full accessory product line at

Believe it or not, once a company develops a successful brand like BMW, it can make hefty profits on the non-automotive side. Go to and you are going to find everything under the sun for your BMW. It sells wheels and accessories; motorsport wear and technology accessories.

Curious what the top items are on the BMW shopping website? Well, even if you aren't TorqueNews likes to be complete in its reporting:
* BMW 1 Series Key Ring
* BMW Golf Umbrella
* BMW Junior BMW Bike
* BMW 5 Series Touring
* BMW M Casual Shirt
* BMW Kids' Polo Shirt
* BMW ClimaLite Warm Pullover
* BMW Vehicle Care Kit
* BMW M Men’s Shirt

The beauty of the ShopBMWUSA website is you're not going to break the bank to experience a little bit of the Bavarian Motor Works lifestyle. A BMW 3 series keyring can be yours for the relative bargain price of $20.

Of course, if you're feeling lucky, you don't have to shell out anything. Just head over to the BMW Facebook page, click on the ultimate giveaway tab on the left-hand column, and you're on your way. All items, in the true spirit of the season, are suitable for re-gifting. We promise not to tell.