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BMW Adds Performance Accessories to X5

The BMW X5 is alone among the performance sport utility vehicles made by German auto manufacturers that extends the feel, performance and handling of its sibling sedans, which is why it makes sense that BMW has announced performance accessories for the BMW X5 SAV.

Most interesting in the new accessories is a unique multifunction steering wheel. This direct replacement for the standard X5 steering wheel features a thick, racing-style, squared off design and is covered in hand-stitched Alcantara material. But, you can’t get it on the X5 M, which is really the racing-style X5. The flattened lower rim really adds a performance feel so it seems like an odd omission.

The most stunning of the accessories would have to be the available set of black kidney grilles for a “sporty, menacing appearance” as BMW puts it. The Aero kit gets you redesigned front and rear bumper covers and side skirts for reduced aerodynamic drag and lift at high speeds. It gives you better stability and a sportier look.

On the inside, in addition to the limited availability steering wheel, BMW also offers the BMW Performance Aluminum Pedal Kit includes gas pedal, brake pedal, and footrest pedal, ergonomically crafted of aluminum with rubber inserts.

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