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Audi Has Best Ever Sales in 2010

Audi is coming off a 2010 that was its best ever with more than 100,000 models sold for the first time, easily eclipsing the former record of 2007 when it sold 93,506 vehicles in 2007. Sales were up 22.9% over 2009 when it sold 82,717.

Its A4 model continues to be its top seller at 34,672 models or 34% of the total 101,629 models Audi sold in 2010. However, pending an upcoming refresh for 2011, A4 sales were down 6.5% from 37,070 in 2009, which was the worst year the automotive industry had seen since 1982.

It’s the Audi Q5 compact SUV that is the rising star in Audi’s stable. It is Audi’s second biggest seller and saw sales jump an amazing 70.5% from 13,790 in 2009 to 23,518 in 2010.

Last year marked the expansion of the Audi lineup to more than 10 models and nearly 20 variants. It was also distinguished by the strong sales debut of the redesigned 2011 Audi A8 flagship model – the most technologically advanced vehicle Audi has ever produced, according to a statement from Audi. Audi A8 sales (since the vehicle’s release in November 2010) totaled 812 units in 2010, comprising more than 53% of calendar year 2010 A8 sales.

Diesel is a strong selling point for the German manufacturer. It said its historic 2010 sales were propelled by demand for TDI clean diesel vehicles. The Audi Q7 TDI and Audi A3 TDI accounted for more than 43 percent and 53 percent of sales mix in their lines, respectively.

Even the super sportscar the Audi R8 has seen strong sales since the introduction of the R8 Spyder. Audi does not break down sales within models but the R8 saw sales rise from 699 to 799. Here’s a little factoid from the Audi Facebook page: Did you know that there are 864,000 different ways to build an Audi R8 Spyder straight from the factory?

Audi US Sales By Model
Model 2010 2009 Yr/Yr Difference
A3 6,558 3,874 69.3%
A4 34,672 37,070 -6.5%
A5 16,379 9,800 67.1%
A6 8,675 6,786 27.8%
A8 1,521 1,463 4.0%
Audi Q5 23,518 13,790 70.5%
Audi Q7 7,976 7,299 9.3%
R8 799 699 14.3%
TT 1,531 1,935 -20.9%
Total Audi Sales: 101,629 82,717 22.9%