KleenSpeed's EV-X11 and scrambls make an intelligent team

KleenSpeed Scrambls and a Wicked Fast EV-X11 Racer

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What does an electric car manufacturer, a social media platform and an electric racer have in common? REFUEL 2012 as well as the promise of more social responsibility.

Another company you will see today at REFUEL 2012 is KleenSpeed Technologies’ EV-X11 Electric Race Car. The company announced scrambls as the primary 2012 sponsor of its electric racers. Scrambls the free social media privacy service that lets you retain complete control over content you post online and who can access it .

KleenSpeed's EV-X11. KleenSpeed’s 2012 EV-X11 electric race car debuts today at ReFuel 2012 on the fast Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track, in Monterey, California. The EV-X11 shattered last year’s ReFuel Electric Vehicle lap record on the circuit and became the fastest electric track race car in the world. It would be great to see the Lord Drayson’s Lola B12/69EV electric racer raced next to the EV-X11. The lap record of 1:38:9 waved goodbye to the old 2010 record of 1:42.5 and the previous record was none other than KleenSpeed’s racer.
Quick Facts:

EPS ; KleenSpeed Power & Drivetrain / UQM Technologies Motor Controller
ESS : KleenSpeed Energy Storage System & Control Interface
4 KleenSpeed Battery Packs
430 Volts
15.4 kW/hrs
BMS : KleenSpeed Battery Management System
EVI : KleenSpeed Electric Vehicle Integration Systems
Motor : UQM PowerPhase 145 : 200 HP / 300 lb ft torque
Weight : 1.395 lbs
Weight Distribution 40/60 front/rear
Wheelbase : 96″
Track : 52″
Wheels : 13″
Tires : Goodyear Eagle Racing Slicks
Top Speed : 160+ mph

Social Media And EVs. Now at this stage, you are probably wondering what a social media platform has to do with electric car racing. So do I, but according to Timothy Collins, president of KleenSpeed Technologies: "As a disruptive social media solution that makes online sharing smarter and safer, scrambls is an ideal fit to sponsor our revolutionary Smart Energy race car". "We look forward to defending our title as the fastest car for four years running at ReFuel 2012. We'll unveil our next-generation car for the race, with its distinctive scrambls branding, and I assure you it will turn some heads." I sense someone else is weary of Facebook’s shoddy privacy practices and I welcome the new platform.


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