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Hydrogen Is Back And Electric Cars Don't Care

Hydrogen power is something that sends people into futuristic visions of emission free cars. Can hydrogen replace pure electric battery cars?

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Once in a while, hydrogen comes back and grabs all headlines on mainstream news billboards. The once upon a time futuristic hydrogen car technology system regularly comes back to let us know it is still alive and doing well. Despite many unsurmountable obstacles at the time, the technology chips away at every of them in order to offer us the possibility to store hydrogen in a car and turn it into electricity. Such is and has been the race between pure electric cars and those that want to carry a hydrogen tank.

Mainstream News Has a Hydrogen Feast Day. And every time hydrogen comes back, it means good news for the attention hungry press. The word hydrogen conjures futuristic visions of emission free cars. And Oh My is that word so Jetsons, or what? Feasibly, hydrogen power has a place in the world of electric cars but the recent alarmist headlines should offer us a precautionary jolt back. No, hydrogen cars will not replace or even menace the pure electric battery car. They are different cars, each excelling at something different.

Stocking and Manufacturing. Once upon a time, this was a big issue since hydrogen cannot be kept easily, it is very small and has a tendency to leak. To make it efficient was no small task. It has to be cooled, which is yet another energy drain. With various ways to make hydrogen from algae and local solar energy, the manufacturing has become less of an issue making storage the last serious roadblock to tackle. With Nasa now using specifically designed no-leak hydrogen tanks, the hydrogen car industry has received another boost.

Just on queue, sensationalist headline predicting the demise of pure electric battery cars with hydrogen, is a stretch. By now we realize there is no perfect car that answers everyone’s needs but the more choice we have, the healthier the economy is.

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