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Honda Fit EV Waves Goodbye To Collision Insurance

Honda wants to convince you it is serious about alternative energy and its Fit EV might just have enough to satisfy city dwellers and the light suburban population, taking a chunk out of insurance.

If you live in California or Oregon and can get your hands leasing a Honda Fit EV electric car, the company has something to entice you with. The electric car, EV cannot only take you on a 100 miles or more ride but will also wave your collision deduction.

It was hard to see if Honda was serious about a pure electric car. It was working on its astronomically expensive hydrogen Clarity car a few years ago, estimated at $5 million dollars. But Honda wasn’t saying anything much about pure electric cars. After suffering a few recalls and bleeding away some of its workforce, Honda got its wake up call. It gets it. It wants its cars to stand out again, instead of trying to appeal to a wide a market, losing all appeal but practicality. Many asked, why can’t we have a successor to the S2000 and why not one with an electric drivetrain? Time will tell.

Honda Fit EV. The Honda conversion of its Fit into a pure electric only car came somewhat as a surprise and shows how much the company is getting serious about regaining is slumping image. The Honda Fit EV, due out next month has nice performance, but the real clincher is the company’s insurance option could save as much as $600 a year. This will be available for the lucky 1,100 drivers of the Fit EV available next month.

Since we are an impatient and polarized society, many frowned at the idea Honda was leasing the Fit EV only. After all, the $600 a month lease for the BMW Mini had left many wondering if car makers are really serious about electric cars. With only 1,100, the Fit EV will cost $389 a month plus taxes for 36-month and 36,000-mile, all of it with no down payment.

The Fit EV Insurance Advantage. Honda’s strategy is stunning, it will pick up the collision insurance on its Fit EV without any deductible. Of course, the amount saved varies based your driving record and address but it could reduce a lot of expenses and tip the affordability to its favor.

The company says they are ready to up production if the demand warrants it. Will it be enough to convince you? While carmakers fight to find new and ingenious ways of attracting a shy potential electric car market, Honda offering insurance help for its Fit EV might just be the clincher for tightening budgets.

Quick Facts: EPA Combined, 118 miles, MPGe Rating EPA Combined
kWh/100ml, 29 miles, Battery Capacity, 20 kWh and EPA Label Range Honda Fit EV 82 miles.